How to Fund Care for People with Dementia UK

If you or a loved one has developed dementia, funding care becomes a concern. Unlike many other conditions, dementia isn’t fundamentally a disease that requires treatment. Instead, the person would need to be looked after and their daily needs handled until their last days. Whether you’re getting full-time care in your house or a private

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Cost of care for people with dementia UK

  If you or your loved one has developed dementia or is at risk of it, then you’d likely be concerned about the cost of care.  Dementia is a progressive condition, so care would typically be required until one’s final moment. But note, dementia costs are essentially associated with care rather than treatment. According to

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What to expect in a care home

Sadly, you or your loved one may have gotten to that point in life when basic self-care becomes a challenge. Living to a ripe old age can sometimes come with some “perks,” right? Well, whether your loved one now has dementia or has gotten too feeble to handle their own domestic needs due to age,

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An Ultimate Guide to Types of Dementia

Long life is something virtually everyone desires. But as we grow older, our body systems tend to get weaker and turn against us. And dementia is one of those things seniors are at risk of. Not that it’s a normal part of the ageing process, but it can occur, unfortunately. There are different types of

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