Choosing a Care Home

Choosing a Care Home

“It sounds obvious,” says Stephen, “but it’s not! “Choosing a home is very emotive and before visiting people should compile a checklist and stick to it. It’s also worth planning ahead rather than waiting until the situation is desperate. You know the day is coming but might not be ready to take the decision on behalf of your relative.

“Care homes understand that as we are talking to people in the same position everyday but do your research and find out about waiting times because we’re an aging population, demand is increasing and without some serious investment, there won’t be places for everyone.”

English Oak Care Homes is a high quality care group that takes pride in caring for elderly people, elderly with Dementia and elderly with Alzheimer’s. Our aim is to give care in a professional manner but in a loving way, and treat our residents like our own parents. We keep it simple, if a standard or room is not good enough for our own mother or father, then its not good enough for anyone elses mother or father. Our mission statement is to achieve the ultimate in care, giving choice, dignity and in the environment that satisfies the very highest of standards.

The Application Process

There is a contact form on this website and phone numbers on the Contact us page. It’s always a good idea to have an informal chat with our manager and maybe a short visit by arrangement .

If you are to be social services funded then such support will require approval of the appropriate panel. We can help you contact the local social services department.

This helps the transition into care. You then move in on an agreed date. Our maintenance person will arrange for any relevant shelving to be provided or pictures to be hung. We’d explain the entertainments on offer so you can take part in as many or as few as you wish.

Quality Management