Going Green

It is important to keep our planet healthy and green, and we want to do our bit in making sure that happens! We have been taking actions and putting plans in place to ensure that we are reducing our carbon footprint, reducing our wastes and also encourage all of you to join us as well!

We plan to install solar panels to all of our sites to ensure we are cutting back our carbon footprint. Solar electricity is a green renewable energy source and won’t release any harmful pollutants. As well as solar power, we will be finding other ways to swap to a renewable energy source throughout all of the sites
We also want to encourage people to drive more electric cars. We are hoping that by increasing the availability of charging points, this will encourage more people to choose electric! The transportation sector plays a huge role in the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. We can massively reduce this by swapping our internal combustion engine cars with electric. Not only are you helping the environment, but think of all the money you can save on fuel!
Going as paperless as possible is another one of our goals for going green! We are already using electronic care plans as well as archiving everything electronically to save as much paper as we can. Not only is this amazing for the environment, but it was also help reduce search time and have an even more organised work environment
When you think of going green, obviously it’s all about recycling and we are doing our best to recycle! We are also working on reducing out plastic waste as much as possible. By making sure we recycle, we are helping to reduce the pollution caused by the tremendous amount of waste that we as a planet produce. Plastic also requires large amounts of energy and getting rid of plastic waste is one of the primary environmental problems. So this is why we want to do everything we can to reduce our waste!