About Us

About English Oak Care Homes

It Is fabulous to be part of a group, or family, but sometimes it is nice to be recognised as and individual that has very specific needs or interest and we at English Oak Care Homes pride ourselves on recognising these points very early on so that we can deliver the very best individual care which may be quite uncommon and unique but important nevertheless.

We think Care Homes should feel like a hotel, but a country house one. In other words, high standards of decor but still retaining that homeliness feel, somewhere our guests would want their friends to visit, a home they felt proud of, just like we all feel proud of where we live and how it reflects us. We wanted somewhere that the staff and residents all enjoyed each other’s company, where everyone was on first name terms with everyone else.

We wanted somewhere, that if you listened you could hear animated conversations, laughter, banter, fun. But if you wanted somewhere quiet to reflect or read a book, there was space for that too.​ We wanted lively communal areas but private in­di­vidu­al­ised bedrooms. Somewhere that was always lively, and somewhere that was always peaceful; A safe environment where life is good.​We think we have made it, but we are not complacent. We know how to keep our homes special and this requires continuous investment and improvement.


Let us take you for a tour of life at our care home and then you will see what we mean.

Our Main Features

We are Specialists in Memory Loss, Dementia & Alzheimer’s. We significantly invest both time and money specialist dementia training for our teams who are integral to creating meaningful, enjoyable days in the lives of our residents with dementia.
Affiliated with Dementia Friends

Our Staff are fully trained in all areas of care that is an essential part in keeping our quality high and current. There are many facets to the training which include Dementia & Alzheimer’s’s First Aid, Drug Administration, Health & Safety Fire Evacuation, Food Hygiene, Adult Safeguarding, hazardous Chemicals,Infection Control, Risk Assesment, Care Planning and Pressure Care. New employees will be professionally trained to obtain the new ‘Health Care Certificate’ which is in line with the governments new future guidelines

Our Care Homes were designed to meet standards of Luxury Country Hotels, where all the little details both in the premises and services offered, make the difference.

It is important to keep our planet healthy and green, and we want to do our bit in making sure that
happens! We have been taking actions and putting plans in place to ensure that we are reducing our
carbon footprint, reducing our wastes and also encourage all of you to join us as well! View More

We have activities ranging from exercise classes to afternoon teas, gardening and much more which form an integral part of everyday life for residents.

Communicating peoples needs, wishes and feelings is vital, not only to maintain our quality of life, but also to preserve our sense of identity. Our staff are professionally trained to interact with all levels of Alzheimer’s conditions which best suits the Resident on an individual basis.

We Organise Parties and events for our residents and their family on a regular basis. All birthdays are celebrated along with seasonal parties & Events

We are members of the Hampshire Care Association. The goal is to ensure that care provision in Hampshire is of the highest standard and quality and that those requiring care receive it with dignity and compassion.

We are recommended on carehome.co.uk which is a guide to over 21000 care homes, nursing homes and residential homes providing care in the United Kingdom

CQC make sure health and social care services provide people with safe, effective, compassionate, high-quality care and we encourage them to improve.