Rachel Wood House – Oak View

“I have been visiting Oakview on a regular basis since early June 2018. The purpose of my visits has been to support the team (staff and family) around a particular resident to use Intensive Interaction to enhance their social and communication experiences.

I have always found the atmosphere at Oakview stimulating and calm, with lots going on. I have observed the staff have open, caring and supportive relationships with the residents, treating them with dignity and respect. This ethos has been also been apparent in the way I as a professional have been welcomed and supported in my work. Similarly I have seen how positively family members are welcomed and involved in the home. There has been a very person-centred approach to my involvement with the resident. This has been particularly important as their needs are very different from many of the other residents. It was a member of staff who instigated my involvement, as she felt that the person might benefit from Intensive interaction and this has proved to be correct. I have been particularly impressed by the open and forward thinking approach of the individuals that I have had dealings with. Intensive Interaction is not a standard approach in Dementia Care (although it is becoming increasingly recognised to be of benefit) and requires thinking outside the box. However it has been embraced by the organisation as they have seen the benefits for this resident and can see its potential for others within the home. They have expressed an intention to invest in training in the future. On a more practical level, the accommodation is bright and functional and I have always observed the home to be clean and safe. The system for gaining access to the building is well managed, making visitors feel welcome while ensuring security for vulnerable residents. Rachel Woodhouse (Intensive Interaction Coordinator) November 2018″

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